Comprehensive, Grade-Specific Classroom Modules

The PATHS® program comes in a convenient modular format, providing each teacher with the fully-scripted, developmentally appropriate curriculum for their grade level, along with a complete set of supporting materials.

Each classroom module includes a variety of components for students, brief and easy-to-implement lessons, detailed support for teachers, and send-home materials for keeping families informed and engaged.

Components include:

  • A comprehensive curriculum manual providing step-by-step guidance, with fully-scripted lessons, coordinated visual aids and classroom handouts

  • Classroom posters reinforcing key concepts

  • Family communication materials

  • And more!


Build parent support and involvement

Helping parents get involved in the PATHS® program is a great way to bring social and emotional learning home. When asked, 81% of parents think SEL is important in school! The PATHS® program provides parent support and reinforcement of the PATHS® program concepts at home ensures that children fully absorb the skills acquired through classroom sessions. Many lessons include at-home activities (available in English and Spanish) and other send-home materials.


Fully scripted, developmentally appropriate lesson plans

Each PATHS® program classroom module is designed to be easy, flexible and straightforward. Each grade’s curriculum manual is divided into clearly defined units, and each unit includes an overview of its goals, tips for implementation, answers to common questions, and theoretical background.


Appropriate for every student

The PATHS® program is intended to improve the school environment for all children through the use of common language and strategies. The program is inclusive — it’s been proven effective with children with special needs and was originally developed in hearing-impaired classrooms.

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build a positive school climate

The PATHS® program can be used as a Tier 1 (universal) intervention within a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework, helping to build and reinforce a positive school climate.

Correlations to National Standards

Common Core State Standards

The PATHS® program can help students meet Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

American School Counselor Association Standards

The PATHS® program can help students meet American School Counselor Association standards for academic, career, and personal/social development.

Head Start Standards

The PATHS® Preschool/Kindergarten classroom module supports Head Start Standards of Performance.