Educators around the country are delighted with the PATHS® program! Here's what they're saying.


Glendale Elementary School District

Glendale, AZ

"I love the PATHS® Program because we see real results in our classrooms. I receive positive feedback from teachers as well as parents about children using their 'Turtle' skills to help them calm down."

-- Kimberly Knapp

Social Emotional Learning Specialist


Indian Prairie School District #204

Aurora, IL

"While we tend to be very thoughtful and intentional about teaching literacy, cognitive, and other skills, we need to be just as intentional about teaching social-emotional skills. The PATHS® Program's clear structure and sequential lesson plan make this possible."

-- Cindy M. Frech

Early Childhood School Social Worker


Lincoln Public Schools

Lincoln, NE

"I find [the] PATHS® [program] to be very beneficial with kindergarten and first grade students who are learning about health and character education. The activities provided in the curriculum are engaging and encourage the students to participate. I especially like the tactile and visual components of [the] PATHS® [program], such as the feelings face cards."

-- Jerome Ehrlich

Teacher, Health & Physical Education"


Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Cleveland, OH

"There's such a connection between the PATHS® [program] and the SEL curriculum and the academic work. It goes hand in hand. Teaching the kids the lessons in [the] PATHS® [program] allows them to engage with their academic work so much better. They're able to be a part of that classroom, and it gives the teachers the ability to teach."

-- Jillian Ahrens

1st Grade Teacher

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Cleveland, OH

"I believe it's our responsibility when children leave us to ensure that they're prepared to compete in the world. And if they're going to compete in society, they not only have to have knowledge in the core areas -- they have to have the team building skills, they have to have cooperation, they have to have social-emotional competencies, so that they can get along with others, they can be responsible decision makers, they can be socially aware, and self-aware, and recognize their self- worth, so that they can become successful."

-- Denine Goolsby

Executive Director of Humanware and SEL

Clark K-8 School

Cleveland, OH

"[The PATHS® Program] can be incorporated into your health lessons. It can be incorporated into your citizenship and social studies lessons. It can be incorporated into your literacy through reading and writing. This is a component that I think is top-notch because I encourage my teachers to teach cross-curricular activities and lessons."

-- Amanda Rodriguez



Pittston Area School District

Pittston, PA

"We looked at other SEL programs. But I wanted something that was research-based. And [the] PATHS® [program] has been proven to have effective strategies. [The] PATHS® [program] is proven to improve student achievement. And it's been proven to lessen behavior problems."

-- Dr. Janet Donovan

Principal of Curriculum

Allentown School District

Allentown, PA

"I think [the] PATHS® [program] has significantly improved the atmosphere in the classroom. It's a more positive environment. Children are able to talk about their problems and how it makes them feel. Instead of something explosive, they're able to calm down [and] come up with a plan."

-- Tim Kearney

1st Grade Teacher

Cleveland Elementary School

Allentown, PA

"I've seen that my students are more able to regulate their feelings. Not only their own, but I love the way they help each other calm down, and help each other take care of the problems that they're seeing."

-- Sheila Harkins

Kindergarten teacher


Villanova, PA

"[The] PATHS® [program] helps kids with the social skills that they need, and also the emotional aspect that they need, identifying their feelings, handling their feelings, and then using their feelings appropriately. A child that can't handle frustration can't handle taking a test. A child that gets overwhelmed very easily can't handle those later academic objectives that the schools have in the bigger picture. Social emotional learning contributes to academic success."

-- Michelle Sustello

Curriculum Coach


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"Four clinical trials [of the PATHS® Program] over the past 15 years have demonstrated improvements in social and emotional competencies and reductions in aggression and other risk factors... across a wide range of elementary school children, including children with special needs."

-- Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention