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The gold standard SEL curriculum.

More time for teaching.

More capacity for learning.

More harmony in your learning environment.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) does more than improve the day-to-day lives of young learners: it transforms their learning environment. The PATHS® program teachers spend less time managing behavior and more time preparing students for better outcomes. Explore the cutting-edge, evidence-backed method for creating the learning organization of your dreams.

What is SEL?


Significantly improve academic achievement

Data from more than 270,000 students collected for a large-scale study of universal, school-based SEL programs (including the PATHS® program) showed an 11% gain in academic achievement among SEL students. Explore the growing body of research that shows the vital importance of SEL skills and SEL programs.

What is the evidence?


Build the brain power children need for school success

The PATHS® program has been proven to help build executive functions (EFs) in developing brains. These skills are proven predictors of math and reading competence throughout a child's school career. EFs include:

  • impulse control

  • problem solving

  • working memory

  • reasoning

  • planning

How does it work?

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