Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a critical component of the educational experience that is proven to lead to improvements in student behavior, reductions in classroom disruption, and greater academic achievement. It does so by going beyond traditional academic skills and teaching students how to resolve conflicts, handle emotions, empathize, and make responsible decisions. Again and again, the evidence shows that in order to develop healthier school climates and improved academic results, schools must teach the whole student.

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The PATHS® program covers the 5 distinct categories of social-emotional learning:

  • Self Awareness is the ability to understand and manage your own feelings and to know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Self Management is the ability to manage your behavior and impulses, to have integrity, and to act according to your values.

  • Social Awareness is the ability to understand and have empathy for others.

  • Relationship Management is knowing how to work with others and get along effectively.

  • Responsible Decision Making is the ability to make good decisions and know how to problem solve effectively both alone and in groups.

The PATHS® program brings students through each of these domains in stages. Each unit is organized around one or more of these domains, while integrating aspects from all five.

To ensure continual reinforcement of key skills from the PATHS® program, supplemental activities and a variety of at-home activities are included for parents and children to do together.