PATHS® Grade 3 classroom module

(502048) For students in grade 3 or working at a grade 3 level.

$439 each — Quantity discounts available!


  • An Introduction to the Curriculum. User-friendly guide provides:

    • a definition of social and emotional learning, and an explanation for why it is needed and how it's tied to academic success

    • an overview of the lesson structure and PATHS® program materials

    • teaching tips to help make lesson delivery efficient and effective

    • ideas for connecting the PATHS® program with other academic curricula and standards

    • a reference section for research on social and emotional learning and related topics.

  • Curriculum Manual. 1 lie-flat binder and includes 42 easy-to-teach lessons and 10 optional "Jump-Start" lessons that introduce basic feelings to students who did not receive the PATHS® program in previous grades. In general, each lesson includes:

    • A lesson preparation page -- provides lesson objectives and materials lists

    • Color-coded instructions and optional "read-aloud" scripts -- help make teaching easy and effective

    • Photographs and line drawings -- visual reinforcements of key techniques and concepts

    • Supplementary activities -- including biographies, used to extend PATHS® program material beyond lessons

    • Follow-up guidance -- tips on prepping for future lessons, communicating with families, and tying key teaching points into regular class time.

  • 3 Posters (17 1/2" x 23")

    • Control Signals” Poster

    • “PATHS® Kid For Today” Poster

    • Feelings” Poster

Posters are laminated for durability, with grommets for easy attachment.

  • 200 "PATHS® Kid For Today" Stickers

  • A fun way for teachers to designate the PATHS® Kid for Today each and every day of the year!


  • Family Communication and Support Materials

    • Includes online access to printable parent/caregiver letters, handouts, 25 book lists, and at-home activities in English and Spanish! Also includes an Evaluation Tool  to help you measure the impact of the PATHS® program on your students.

  • 25 copies of the "How Are You Feeling?" Cling

    • Helps parents understand the concept of identifying comfortable versus uncomfortable feelings.

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